We can't assume that Brexit is just going to happen.

Since our vote to leave the EU in June we have all heard MPs from all political parties discussing how we should go about leaving the EU.   

But in recent weeks the Conversation has changed, driven by predominantly pro-EU MPs they are now demanding a vote on what the terms of Brexit should be.

These politicians are claiming that voters didn’t know what they were voting for. I don’t believe this to be the case, the electorate understood fully what would happen if Britain voted to leave the European Union. That we would take back control of our borders, leave the single market, reclaim our sovereignty and shape our own destiny as an outward looking, independent nation.

We can’t assume that Brexit is just going to happen, there are many who would happily see the vote ignored. The terms ‘hard and soft Brexit’ are being used as a way for politicians and leading public figures to try to water down Brexit to suit their own political agendas.

They are still discussing Brexit as if it were an inconvenient problem, a vote that could simply be ignored. They would have MPs vote on key issues before we get the chance to negotiate with the EU.

We shouldn’t reveal our negotiating hand before we start negotiations, it would be like revealing your poker hand before the first chips are laid.

It is therefore important that we give the Government the strongest basis on which to negotiate, while having all proper scrutiny in the parliamentary process.