Radnorshire residents have their say

The largest survey of opinion in Radnorshire for many years has concluded with every household having received a questionnaire on local and national issues over the summer months.

Between May and September, Chris Davies, the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Brecon & Radnorshire, has delivered and mailed surveys to over 20,000 Radnorshire residents to ask for their opinions on subjects including wind farms, Europe, welfare reform, schools and health care.

With several thousand surveys having already been returned and with more still streaming in, Chris Davies has now started to collate all the data.

Chris Davies said:

“Too many politicians, whether elected to the Welsh Assembly or Parliament in Westminster, become distant and detached from the residents they represent.

“On many issues, like Europe, immigration and wind farms in particular, the views of residents are often overlooked and ignored. 

“If I am elected by the people of Brecon & Radnorshire in 2015 to become their next Member of Parliament, this neglect will happen no more.

“This survey is just the very start of the more inclusive and participatory style of politics that I want to bring to Brecon & Radnorshire. I want all residents to feel involved and listened to.

“If anyone in Radnorshire has not received one of these questionnaires, then please get in touch and I will get one to you”. Tel – 01874 624796 or Email – chrisdavies4mp@gmail.com

Chris Davies intends to deliver a similar survey across Breconshire over the coming months.