MP's verdict on the Welsh Autism Bill

Chris Davies MP has expressed his ‘severe disappointment and concern’ after learning that Brecon and Radnorshire AM Kirsty Williams voted against the Conservative Autism Bill last week in the Sennedd.

During the debate, AMs debated whether or not to bring forward specific Autism legislation to assist those with extra needs, and bring support in Wales in line with existing support in England and Northern Ireland.

Chris Davies MP said:

“During the last Assembly election the Liberal Democrats fought on a manifesto that pledged to 'introduce an Autism Bill, to meet the needs of autistic people for the next Assembly term and beyond' – what a difference a few months can make.

“To pledge to increase support for children and adults with Autism and then It is a severe disappointment and concern to me that Ms Williams would vote against for a Bill that sought to provide real help to families across Wales and bring parity of support with England, particularly when she had pledged to do just that only months ago. To go back on her word only a few months after the pledge is not only misleading to voters, but it is unfairly raising the hopes of families across Wales who need extra support. An issue such as this should not be a political football, so why Ms Williams has allowed her Labour puppet-masters to make it one is beyond me.”

“What we need is a real commitment from the Assembly Government to help to support families and those living with Autism with the extra assistance the condition requires. That is why I cannot express my disappointment enough with both the Assembly’s, an in particular Ms Williams decision to deny that support to those who need it”

“I hope that this Bill is brought back to the Sennedd in the near future and passed, so that the Assembly Government can stop playing politics and get on with helping families across Wales”