Chris Davies MP wholeheartedly opposes a Welsh immigration system

The Welsh Government should gain the power to set its own immigration policy, a cross-party group of MPs said today.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration publishes a report calling for immigration powers to be devolved to the UK’s nations and regions.

Politicians from both Labour and Plaid Cymru have shown open support for the proposals in recent days. 

Chris Davies MP said:

“Immigration is a topic which has been discussed thoroughly throughout 2016. Research since the EU referendum has shown that the vast majority of the British electorate would like to see immigration reduced and to be controlled. Over the next two years we will be leaving the EU and renegotiating a new trade deal. The Government has vowed to end free movement and create a controlled migration system.

I find the idea that Wales could have a separate immigration system utterly ludicrous.  What are the Welsh Government proposing? That we create a hard border with England?

I can’t feasibly see how the Welsh Government would be able enforce this system. If Wales was given control of its own borders, I believe it would be used as a loophole for migrants to gain access to the UK then move from Wales to England where the vast majority of immigrants settle.

The Welsh Government are struggling to run our health and education systems, and now they want control of Immigration. This proposal seems poorly thought through and would be impossible to enforce.”