Chris Davies MP welcomes Government commitment to broadband in the Queen’s Speech

Chris Davies MP has welcomed the Government’s commitment to providing high-speed broadband to every household as one of the centre pieces of the Queen’s speech.

In her most gracious speech in the House of Lords today (18 May 2016) her majesty the Queen said “measures will be brought forward to create the right for every household to access high speed broadband”. This commitment came as the Westminster Government pledges to make the UK a world leader in digital provision – a place where technology ceaselessly transforms the economy, society and government.

Chris said “I welcome the Government’s commitment to introduce a digital economy bill in the coming parliament. It is about time that there is a commitment in law that every household has the right to high-speed broadband access – putting it on a par with water, electricity and gas access. 

I hope the Welsh Assembly and Superfast Cymru follow the Westminster Government’s lead and commit to rolling out superfast broadband to rural areas, and specifically to those of us in mid-Wales. For too long, rural areas have been in last place in the broadband race and it is time for us to catch up.”

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