Chris Davies MP throws his full weight behind Cllr Iain McIntosh’s campaign to save the Brecon Tourist Information Centre

Brecon Town Council have led an extremely poor campaign to negotiate a deal with Powys County Council to take over the TIC. This centre is at the heart of Brecon and is used by tourists from across the world, having a positive financial knock on affect to the wider Breconshire community. Tourism is key to our area and the failure to support it by Brecon Town Council is shocking.

My colleague Cllr Iain McIntosh wrote in last week’s paper and on FYI Brecon and pointed out just how easy it would be for Brecon Town Council to take control of the centre. They have various choices they could make and seem reluctant to put the effort in to save the centre.

I believe they could Council could:

  • Brecon have spent large sums on various projects such as the bandstand which are rarely used. Surely they should prioritise their spending to areas such as the TIC, which actually brings in revenue.
  • Explore any grant sources available to contribute towards the running costs of the building.
  • Approach the National Trust or private businesses in the area to sub-let part of the building from PCC. This will share the financial burden for Brecon Town Council.

I will happily meet with any Brecon Town Councillors to discuss helping them work to save the Tourist Information Centre. To reduce the centre with little or no staff makes absolutely no sense. The current system works. Why change that?