Chris Davies MP statement on the Prime Minister's proposed Brexit agreement

Last night and today the Prime Minster has outlined her plans for a Brexit agreement with the European Union. This agreement has been negotiated over the past two years and here is my response at present:

I hold genuine concerns over what has been mentioned in the press, and I believe that now is not the time to make rash decisions. Last night the Government released a 580 page document setting out its plan.

Until I have read through the document in detail and looked at whatgenuine alternatives we have I will not be rushed into a decision.

Whilst I agree that a bad deal is worse than a no deal, we need to look at what happens next if this deal does not go through Parliament. Many MP’s are concerned that if this does not have sufficient support it could potentially lead to a second referendum, Jeremy Corbyn in power and attempts to keep us in the EU.

A second vote would be profoundly undemocratic and I would be totally against any attempt to rerun the referendum campaign.

I am a committed lifelong Euro-sceptic and always have been. However even if the majority of the country does share this view unfortunately the majority of the House of Commons does not and we have to very careful how we proceed at this sensitive juncture.

I am a member of ERG Group in Parliament and I am sure you may have read about other members submitting letters of no confidence in the Prime Minister. I have not done so as of yet.

If enough letters are sent in this triggers a vote of no confidence where more than half the MP’s have to vote against the Prime Minister. At present I do not believe there are enough MP’s to reach that number. If the Prime Minister survives such a vote, another vote cannot happen for another 12 months.

Over the next few days I will studying the 580 page plan in detail and will be talking to colleagues as to the best way we can ensure the British public get the Brexit they voted for whilst also keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street.

Whilst this may not be the response that you are looking for I hope you will understand my reasoning behind holding off, and trust that any decision I make will be in the interest of the 17 million people that voted to leave as well as those who voted to remain.