Chris Davies MP statement on the EU Withdrawal Agreement vote:

Tonight, MPs will vote on the EU Withdrawal Agreement that the Prime Minister and her Government have worked on over the past two years. 

I do not doubt the Prime Minister's resolve. I believe that she has tried incredibly hard, with an opposition firmly opposing her at every stage, trying to frustrate any proposal she has brought forward. I have backed the Prime Minister to get a good deal that protects jobs and works for the people of the United Kingdom.

I do not believe the Prime Minister’s deal is perfect. There are many areas where I hold deep reservations. But I see leaving the European Union as a transition, a process that will take many years and this is just one of the first hurdles to get past.

I and many other colleagues believe this is stage one of our exit from the European Union. We can’t get everything we wish to achieve in the first stage, but this is a continual process and I believe we will be able to continue to work to achieve what we want in time to come. 

As I have said in previous posts updating you all on what is happening with Brexit. There is now a majority of MPs in the House who want a second referendum. As we all saw last week when they defeated the Government in various votes. I believe trying to stop Brexit is an affront to democracy and am totally against holding another referendum or delaying Article 50. 

The harsh reality for many Pro Brexit MPs such as myself is that this deal is not all that we want. I am being pragmatic, last week we saw the power of those MPs who are trying to block Brexit. They are making it near impossible for a No-Deal Brexit to take place, tying the Prime Ministers hands whilst simultaneously blocking any deal she puts on the table. 

The Prime Minister is in a catch-22, Remain MPs are blocking the deal she has brought forward to leave the EU and are stopping her from leaving without a deal on WTO Rules. They are well organised and well-funded, they are doing all they can to prevent any type of Brexit from happening. Using all parliamentary procedures they can to frustrate the process. As I have said before, be under no illusion, they are trying to stop Brexit. 
The European Union’s refusal to negotiate further with us reinforces to me why I am happy we voted to leave. If they are treating their friends and allies like this then I am glad we are leaving. The Prime Minister has been extremely generous offering them such a large financial package to cover our obligations once we leave and they are still refusing to negotiate on this withdrawal agreement further. 

I believe this is because they are scared, scared that we will be a global success story post-Brexit, thus destroying the post-war consensus that in order to succeed on the world stage a European nation must be a member of the European Union. They are worried other member states will see our success as a global player and will look to leave the European Union. This is what the bureaucrats of Brussels fear most. 

I believe the Prime Minister will lose the vote this evening and I do not know what will happen from there. There are many possibilities, all I know is that the opposition are doing all they can to stop any form of Brexit from taking place. 

I will update you all again very soon as the next 48 hours are sure to be some of the most important hours of political development in a generation.