Chris Davies MP September 2018 column

The country will be leaving the European Union in under 200 days. This may sound like a long period of time, but the days will pass extremely quickly. Over the past two years every minute detail of the negotiations has been splashed across the national press on a daily basis. Opposition parties have done all they can to undermine the Government’s position and some parties have openly campaigned to prevent the people’s decision to leave. In such a turbulent period of national change it would have been good to see all parties unite behind the vote and improve the Governments chances of a successful deal with our European partners.

The Government’s Chequers deal has been criticised by both sides of the debate and I understand that there is concern with many elements of the Chequers proposal. I myself have concerns with parts of the Prime Minister’s proposed deal and will be working with colleagues from across the House to ensure the deal is achievable and respects the result of the referendum. Over the coming months there will be dozens of votes in Parliament and I will be keeping you all informed on the way I vote in my monthly column.

However, alongside our withdrawal from the European Union myself and other MPs will be voting on various domestic policies. Since the 2017 election the Government have pushed a radical environmental agenda to cut the use of plastics across the country and we have banned microbeads at the start of this year in order to protect marine life.

Parliament has passed various pieces of legislation such as the Secure Tenancies (victims of domestic abuse) Act, Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Act and the Digital Economy Act. All these laws will specifically help the people of Brecon and Radnorshire. 

Over the coming months the Brexit negotiations will be reaching their finale ahead of the transition period. I will continue to support the Government throughout this period and hope politicians from across the political divide respect the electorates decision and help to ensure we get the best possible deal for the UK. As we have seen recently with the horrifying attack in Salisbury, working with our continental partners is essential in areas such as defence and security, if we are to ensure we can adequately keep our nation safe in the future from both foreign and domestic threats.