Chris Davies MP defends use of Union Flag at the Royal Welsh food hall

Chris Davies MP criticised Lesley Griffiths Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs comments where she said she dislikes seeing the Union Jack at the Royal Welsh Show.

The Welsh Government’s Lesley Griffiths clashed with former Welsh Assembly Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies at the Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee.

Conservative AM Andrew RT Davies challenged Mrs Griffiths to clarify her comments about the Royal Welsh Show Ground. In which he reminded the Cabinet Secretary that Wales is a part of the United Kingdom

Mr Davies said that he would like to see greater collaboration to promote both Wales and the United Kingdom and seemed shocked when the Cabinet Secretary continued to state that she did not want to see the Union Jack at the Royal Welsh Show Ground. 

Chris Davies MP who’s constituency hosts the Royal Welsh Show said Lesley Griffiths comments were extremely concerning and shows the Welsh Governments anti British stance and sympathetic attitude towards Welsh nationalism.   

Chris Davies MP said: 

Wales is an integral part of the United Kingdom. A nation which is renowned the world over for its standards and quality of products. Lesley Griffiths comments would seem too many that the Welsh Government are ashamed of being part of the United Kingdom. The Labour Liberal Coalition in Cardiff Bay sound more like Plaid Cymru than the Unionist parties they are supposed to be.

The United Kingdom is Welsh produce’s biggest market. The Cabinet Secretary surely must recognise that having both Welsh and Great Britain branding on products will increase the chances of Welsh goods being sold across the World. 

As a proud Welshman and Briton, I am proud that we promote our products as British and Welsh. I hope Lesley Griffiths retracts her nationalistic comments and makes a statement celebrating the Royal Welsh Show and all it brings to Mid Wales. A part of the country which receives very little in terms of investment by the Welsh Assembly in comparison with South Wales.