Chris Davies MP backs Heathrow expansion

This week the Government announced plans to approve the third runway at Heathrow. This is an issue which has been ignored by various governments since the 70s.

Currently Britain is in drastic need of extra air capacity in the South East of England. With Heathrow operating at 98 per cent of capacity for more than a decade, while Gatwick is also approaching its limits.

In recent years Heathrow has been overtaken by Dubai International as the world’s busiest airport. A third runway could increase capacity from 480,000 to 740,000 flights a year.

Heathrow already connects Welsh businesses with the world by handling over £2.8 billion of Welsh exports annually. Expansion would make it cheaper for Welsh goods to get to market: and would double freight capacity at Heathrow, helping Welsh products get to export markets across the globe faster and more efficiently. Along with a projected 70,000 jobs, both short term and long term.

This capacity expansion will show the world that Britain is open for Business. And Wales can reap the benefits of this major national infrastructure project. Helping Welsh exporters reach new markets, create new jobs and bring tourism to Wales.

Chris Davies MP said:

“Brexit presents a wealth of opportunity to British businesses and the first few years are critical. Heathrow is our hub airport and our biggest port. If we want to make the most of new deals with growing economies outside of Europe then we’ve got to get on with expanding Heathrow”

“I believe Wales will hugely benefit from Heathrow expansion. The more capacity Britain has the more we can attract business and tourism to Wales. I hope Heathrow is the catalyst for further expansion in regional airports across the UK, including Wales”