Chris Davies MP speech regarding the proposed closure of Brecon Barracks.

There has been a barracks in Brecon since 1805, with the site going on to house troops who were sent to the famous battle at Rorke’s Drift – immortalised in the 1964 film Zulu. The site was extended in the late 19th century before becoming home to the 160th infantry brigade.

We must make the most of Brexit and the new President elect!

Chris Davies MP County Times Column

The last six months have seen unprecedented political change in both the UK and now the United States. Hardly anyone predicted that the Vote Leave campaign would win the EU referendum and even fewer predicted a Republican win this month in the US.

Response from Tracey Crouch MP regarding Knighton sports centre

In October Chris Davies MP wrote to Tracey Crouch the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport, Heritage and Tourism. The letter outlines Chris's concern over Powys County Council's proposed closure of Knighton Sports Centre. 

Chris Davies MP attends Remembrance Sunday

This Sunday Chris Davies MP attended various remembrance events across Brecon and Radnorshire. 

Chris attends these events every year to pay his respects to those who have fallen in battle and have suffered at the hands of war. 

Chris Davies MP judges at Radnorshire YFC

This weekend Chris Davies MP had the privilege of being one of the judges for Radnorshire YFC Senior Member of the Year. He joined Ian Blair (former County Surveyor) and Fay Thomas (Chair of Herefordshire YFC) on the judging panel. 

Chris Davies MP said: