Brexit Statement by Chris Davies MP

Last month I made a statement where I stated I would be backing the Prime Minister’s Brexit withdrawal deal. I outlined many reasons for this. One of which was that I could see MPs opposing Brexit doing all they can and using every mechanism in the House of Commons to take power from the Government in an attempt to delay and stop Brexit.

Sadly last night these predictions started to play out. The Liberal Democrats, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Labour and twenty Conservative MPs voted for a Labour amendment to the Finance Bill. We lost this vote 303 to 296, thus making it very difficult for the Government to mitigate the damage of no deal by changing taxes.

If we fail to reach a deal with the EU by the end of March, the Governments default position will be to leave with a managed no-deal. This has always been the case and this move by MPs completely opposed to Brexit has tied the Government’s hands and will make it harder for us to be as competitive post-Brexit.

I believe these politicians are willing to risk damaging the UK economy if we have to leave on a no-deal, in an attempt to show the public that the UK will be worse off outside the European Union. Then they will continue to undermine Brexit and attempt to change public opinion and then campaign for a second referendum which they believe they will win. This is a well-funded and co-ordinated plan involving those who have never accepted the referendum result.

There are more amendments going forward by pro-EU MPs who are refusing to accept the result. They are using every parliamentary procedure to tie the Prime Minister’s hands and block all routes leading to a no deal exit.

More amendments are being put forward today to try and ensure three outcomes for remainers.

One: That we end up with a deal that keeps us tied very closely to the European Union and which doesn’t actually mean leaving.

Two: That they pressure the Prime Minister into having no option but to delay our withdrawal from the European Union and hold a second referendum, which remain believe they will win.

Three: To push the Prime Minister into a position where she risks calling a General Election which Labour believe they will win. Which if so, will inevitably lead to the softest of soft Brexit’s imaginable.

Just this afternoon the Government was defeated again, the Prime Minister now has to bring a 'Brexit Plan B' plan out within three days if her deal is defeated next week. This is a very fluid situation and will continue to develop rapidly.

Be in no doubt, Parliament does not reflect the public’s view on Brexit and many left leaning MPs are hell-bent on stopping Brexit. I will fight these amendments and work with my Conservative and DUP colleagues who wish to stay true to Brexit. I believe we should leave the EU on March 29th this year as we promised the British people!