Save Knighton Sports Centre

In recent months I have been working with local constituents from all over Radnorshire to secure the future of Knighton Sports centre. 

Powys County Council have proposed to close the sports centre. Mr Davies has been working tirelessly alongside the local community to keep the sports centre open.

Chris has featured regularly in both the Powys County Times & Mid Wales Journal covered the potential closures. 

If you are a local resident who would like to get involved or have any questions on the matter please contact Chris Davies:

Office: 01982 559 180


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Response from Tracey Crouch MP regarding Knighton sports centre

In October Chris Davies MP wrote to Tracey Crouch the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport, Heritage and Tourism. The letter outlines Chris's concern over Powys County Council's proposed closure of Knighton Sports Centre. 

Save Knighton Sports Centre!

MP Chris Davies said that following discussions with the Mayor he would be pushing for a meeting with PCC to try to persuade them to make a U-turn.

He said: “To propose to close the Sports Centre at Knighton is yet more evidence of PCC’s inability to see the bigger picture.